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Indoor Scaffolding

When You Need Access Inside

Our years of industry experience allow us to offer you unique services including indoor scaffolding.

Sometimes a lightweight aluminium tower doesn’t allow the kind of indoor access required and a scaffolding solution is required. 

We have built many scaffolds for access, lifting and  suspending inside premises. 

indoor scaffolding
scaffolding indoors

Specialiast Scaffolding Services

Whatever the size of your requirements we are here to help you complete your project.
Not sure what type of structure that you require? Our dedicated team of professionals will help you to complete your work safely, efficiently and affordably.


Complete Piece Of Mind

Our scaffolders are fully trained, qualified and follow industry best practices.
Nothing is more important than safety, both to life and valuable property.

This is particularly importance when carrying out scaffolding inside a premises.

We work to risk assessments and method statements as standard. Sometimes formal scaffold drawings are a requirement. Our complete scaffolding service offers scaffold drawings as required.

lifting indoors